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Brennus was a Gallic warlord, from the 4th century BC, mainly known for his invasion of Rome.

The etymology of Brennus is said to come from the root Brenn, which means “war leader” in Gaulish. In case of war, the druids would meet to designate the one who would lead the tribes into battle: the Brennos.

Brennus is of course also the trophy awarded every year since 1892 to the French rugby championship. The trophy owes its name to its creator Charles Brennus, who also co-founded the French rugby federation.

Our wine, Brennus, has a number of values in common with the world of rugby: passion; passion that our winegrowers and employees have for their profession (the work of wine and the vine), respect; respect for our terroir, which we strive to preserve, and solidarity; solidarity of our winegrowers and employees who work together to bring their territory to life and make the best possible wines.

To obtain this aromatic intensity, we harvest the grapes when they are very ripe. A long maceration of 3 weeks is then carried out followed by a controlled extraction of the tannins which allows us to bring a beautiful balance to the wine.

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