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Equipped with a state-of-the-art bottling plant (PERRIER monobloc bottling machine – BERTOLASO capper – ZALKIN screw capper, ROBINO and GALANDRINO pneumatic capsuling machine – MAKRO Labelling machine – SIDEL case packing, sealing and palletising robot), we offer “made-to-measure” bottling services, both for our members’ wines and those supplied by our customers.
Thanks to our quality policy, the performance of our teams and our equipment, we have been IFS certified since 2011 and BRC certified since 2012.

Equipment at the
cutting edge of innovation

• A high-performance laboratory

Equipped with FOSS So2 equipment, UNIVITIS carries out physical and chemical analyses throughout the winemaking process, storage, and during all bottling/bag in box operations.
A monthly control on all the sites allowing a precise follow-up of the tanks and the manufacturing process is also practiced.
As part of the monitoring of results and in order to comply with the regulations in force, we carry out self-control reference analyses in order to monitor the performance of our equipment.

• Wine-making and storage tanks that meet strict standards:

In order to meet all the requirements of hygiene and wine asepsis, UNIVITIS has invested in standardised buildings and stainless steel vats, with different capacities and a total storage capacity of approximately 20,000 hl.
All the wines are protected under nitrogen from the moment the harvest arrives and throughout the packaging process.
These are ideal conditions for maturing and conservation.


Stainless steel wine tanks
Stainless steel wine tanks

• Efficient bottling plant

– 1 automated 4OP bottling line (9000 to 10,000 bottles per hour) composed of the following machines:
– Centrepiece: Monobloc PERRIER. This equipment allows the use of more than 26 different formats ranging from 37.5 cl to 1 L.
– ROBINO pneumatic capsuling machine. (Aluminium/complex or screw cap)
– Zalkin screw capper
– MAKRO Labelling machine. – Traditional or adhesive labelling, application of medals, neck bands, tax stamps
– This equipment allows the marking of the seam or a coat of arms on the bottle before applying the label and allows the simultaneous positioning of a medal, a coat of arms or a badge.
– SIDEL case packing equipped with a conveyor and a dynamic distributor.
– Packing in cartons: coated cardboard, boxes or wooden cases.
– Robotic palletising to accommodate two lines simultaneously, to define the palletising plan.
– SEGEPAR control machine. This equipment records all the stages of the process (from the reception of the wine to the bottling) and allows management of the batch traceability.
– 1 clogged recovery line with a washing machine (6000 bottles per hour)

– 1 automated Bag in Box line (2.25L, 3L, 5L, 10L, + Push predisposition), output of 750 Bib per hour.

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The Univitis bottling plant
The Univitis bottling plant
univitis-site univitis-site

Our certifications

It was to meet the growing needs of consumers and distributors, the increase in regulatory requirements and the increasingly strict standards in terms of hygiene, food safety and traceability, that we initiated a bottling process based on the IFS and BRC international standards.

The certifications were validated in 2017 as “Superior Level” for IFS and “Grade A” for BRC on the scope of “reception, assembly, preparation, bottling in glass or BIB and storage of still wine”.

Our certifications
Our certifications
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