Univitis is one of the major players in the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur AOPs, but also offers a number of other appellations located at the crossroads of great vineyards.

At the crossroads of the Bordeaux and Bergerac vineyards

Univitis is located in the heart of the vineyards, near Sainte Foy la Grande, 60km from Bordeaux and 30km from Bergerac.

Being at the crossroads of the Bordeaux and Bergerac vineyards, we benefit from a magnificent mosaic of terroirs, climates and appellations; a natural guarantee of the diversity of expression of our wines.

Bordeaux and Bergerac vineyards
Bordeaux and Bergerac vineyards
le-terroir-univitis le-terroir-univitis

Our appellations

The Bordeaux

The Bordeaux vineyards are the largest “concentration” of wine appellations in France.
They are located at the confluence of two great rivers, the Garonne and the Dordogne, which share the same estuary, the Gironde.
On this territory, we produce authentic wines made for sharing. The blending of the Bordeaux wines produces subtle, balanced and harmonious vintages.

  • AOP Bordeaux, red, white, rosé and clairet
  • AOP Bordeaux Supérieur, red and sweet white
  • AOP Entre-deux-mers
  • AOP Sainte Foy Côtes de Bordeaux
  • AOP Graves de Vayres
  • AOP Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux
  • AOP Francs Côtes de Bordeaux
Univitis Bordeaux vineyard
Univitis Bordeaux vineyard

The Bergerac
and Duras vineyards

In the extension of the Bordeaux appellations on either side of the Dordogne, in a very hilly area, the Bergerac and Duras vineyards offer excellent fruity and structured wines. As in the neighbouring vineyards, there is a great diversity of terroirs and grape varieties.

  • AOP Bergerac, red and dry white
  • AOP Côtes de Bergerac sweet white
  • AOP Côtes de Duras
Univitis Bergerac vineyard
Univitis Bergerac vineyard

A mosaic of terroirs,
climates and appellations

The terroir is what we hold most dear. We take the greatest care of it so that each parcel can express its full potential.

Our wealth is the exceptional diversity of the soils.
Our vines are located in four different areas which allows us to produce very different wines.

Univitis terroir mosaic
Univitis terroir mosaic

The different terroirs

1/ The Lévois hillsides

All around Sainte-Foy-la-Grande our plots are located on hillsides at an altitude of 80 to 100 metres. Only the slopes and plateaus, mostly made up of clay-limestone and gravel soils, are used for vine growing. The white and red grape varieties naturally find their balance on this terroir which benefits from a temperate oceanic climate characterised by mild temperatures and average rainfall. This terroir allows us to obtain characterful red wines with a very attractive structure.

2/ The Gensac hillsides

Dedicated primarily to the production of red wines, the gensac hillsides are made up of gravelly slopes overlooking the Dordogne and clay-limestone soils located on either side of the Durèze and Soulège valleys. The central plateau, composed of very fine siliceous soil, is reserved for white grape varieties. Here, we produce fruity and full-bodied wines.

On this same hillside we also have plots situated on limestone rock where the terroir is identical to that of Saint-Emilion and allows us to obtain wines of great finesse.

“It is a very good terroir, with the same rock typology as the Saint-Emilion and Saint-Emilion Grands Crus” – Nicolas Sudrie, Technical Viticultural Advisor.

Bordeaux vineyard
Bordeaux vineyard

"It is a very good terroir, with the same rock typology
as the Saint-Emilion and Saint-Emilion Grands Crus
located on the heights of Saint-Emilion".
Nicolas Sudrie - Assistant Technical Wine Growing Advisor

3/ Les Graves de Vayres

Between Vayres and Beychac-et-Caillau to the south-west of Libourne, the Graves de Vayres terroir occupies an ancient terrace of gravelly soils brought by the river from the Massif Central. These soils are low in clay content, forcing the vines to plunge their roots deep into the earth to find the nourishing humidity they need.

Many of our plots are located on the banks of the river, a privileged terroir for our fruity and floral white and rosé wines.

4/ Le Bergeracois, Villefranche de Lonchat

Located between the Isle and Dordogne rivers in the extension of the Libournais region, this low-lying hillside terroir extends over ancient alluvial soils. It is composed of sand and gravelly clay from the Périgord region with, occasionally on the heights, the presence of asteriated limestone. On this terroir we favour the production of dry, crisp, fresh white wines and sweet, full-bodied, fruity and well-balanced white wines.

Univitis vineyard
Univitis vineyard
le-terroir-cave-univitis le-terroir-cave-univitis

The different soil types

We have a great diversity of soils which allows us to obtain a wide range of aromas.

  • Limestone: a light terroir
    Powerful, full-bodied wines that remain supple and well-rounded.
  • Clay-limestone: freshness and drainage
    Balanced soils, a combination of clay and limestone, with draining properties perfect for our Merlots.
    Fine, well-rounded wines full of fruit.
  • Siliceous (Boulbènes)
    These soils are particularly well suited to the Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties, giving structure and roundness to our wines.
    Powerful and fruity wines.
  • Sand
    Warm, airy soils that retain little water, particularly suitable for Sauvignon and Semillon.
    Wines with very pronounced aromas.
  • Sand-loam
    Soils that retain very little water and force the roots to dig deep to find freshness.
    Warm and sensual wines.
  • Gravel: warm, well-drained soils
    Consisting of pebbles brought by the Garonne and the Dordogne, warm soils allowing the Cabernet Sauvignon to reach a perfect maturity.
    Structured, powerful wines with remarkable finesse.
Univitis Graves de Vayres vineyard
Univitis Graves de Vayres vineyard

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