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Univitis currently brings together 135 winegrowers and their families in a joint organisation. Cooperation allows the winegrowers to have a sustainable activity by pooling their resources.

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Our Strengths

A wine cooperative is a highly effective way of combining investments and resources. This allows winegrowers to fully devote themselves to their profession and focus on the cultivation and maintenance of their vines until the time of the harvest.

Once the grapes have been harvested, the winegrowers bring them to the cooperative which ensures the vinification, maturation, bottling and marketing processes of the wines that are produced.

The Univitis wine cooperative
The Univitis wine cooperative

"A good wine is made with good grapes
harvested at perfect maturity".
Jean-Paul Cousinet, winegrower, father of the president of Univitis and grandson of one of the
founding members of the Lèves winery.

Between modernity and tradition

We attach great importance to the respect for tradition. Our knowledge is ancestral and passed down from generation to generation. Most of our winegrowers have taken over from their parents and grandparents.

But it is also equally important for us to be as modern as possible. We have equipped ourselves with the most high-performance, high-tech winemaking and bottling tools and emphasise the greatest respect for hygiene, traceability and food safety standards. Everything we do is done with a passion for the quality and authenticity of our wines.

Univitis: a modern wine cooperative rooted in tradition
Univitis: a modern wine cooperative rooted in tradition

"Univitis is the tradition of wine-making know-how
and the modernity of the wine-making tool".
Mikaël Cousinet, winegrower and president of Univitis

Our ambition

Our ambition is to support our land and our members by offering our consumers quality wines which are respectful and representative of our terroirs.

Consuming our wines makes it possible for us to support our winegrowers and to ensure that they receive direct remuneration for their work.

The Univitis terroir
The Univitis terroir

A wine cooperative?
What is it exactly?

A wine cooperative is a group of winegrowers who are called members or cooperators. They are brought together in a democratic manner on an equal footing, the principle is simple: “one person = one vote”. All members have the same rights regardless of the amount of capital they have invested.

The cooperative is not owned by shareholders but by its members. The profits generated are reinvested in the enterprise or paid back to the members. It is a form of solidarity economy that allows the profits to be redistributed to the producers.

Our wine cooperative is guided by values and not exclusively by profit. Respect for our terroir, the human element, mutual aid and solidarity are at the heart of our concerns. Our objective is to ensure a perennial and sustainable activity for the 135 members and their families, as well as for our employees.

The members of Univitis
The members of Univitis

does it work?

In a wine cooperative, the winegrowers work their vineyards, produce the grapes, and bring them to the winery which collects and processes them. The cooperative then jointly carries out the operations of vinification, maturation, bottling and marketing of the wines.

Univitis: what is a wine cooperative?
Univitis: what is a wine cooperative?

"The wealth of Univitis is immaterial, it is human.
Univitis is a family of winegrowers and employees with a common ambition: to perpetuate tradition and bring their terroir to life.”
Thierry Fourcaud, winegrower and Vice-President of Univitis

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