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Producers of Bordeaux and Bergerac wines, all our châteaux and all our creations come from the vineyards of our winegrowers.
The grapes, coming from perfectly identified parcels, are harvested, selected at perfect maturity, then vinified, matured, blended by our oenologists and bottled by us.

We offer 15 different appellations in 25 different countries.

Our Wines

30 châteaux steeped in tradition

We market 30 châteaux owned by our winegrowers.

Each château bears witness to its history and the terroir on which it is located and has its own particular character and personality.

Discover our châteaux
Our châteaux
Our châteaux

Wines that range from traditional to modern

To meet the different needs of consumers, we offer a variety of creations from the most traditional wine to the most modern and innovative. These enticing wines come from the plots of our own winegrowers and are made with the utmost care. The grapes are carefully selected to give a particular character to each wine.

Discover our creations
Our creations
Our creations

Our select ranges

The range
Grand Théâtre

The Grand Théâtre brand was born in 1984, borrowing its name and the visual of its label from the prestigious…

The range
Côte Atlantique

A little escape to the Atlantic coast! A wine of pleasure and conviviality with the colours of our region and…

The range
La Fleur de Mondésir

La Fleur de Mondésir wines, from the Bergerac vineyards, are traditional and local wines that are a pleasure to share…

The range

The “larmes” of wine; these are the droplets that form along the glass. Some say that it is the soul…

The range
Les Ormeaux

Les Ormeaux; a complete range of wines that will accompany all occasions; perfect for barbecues with friends, dinners in restaurants…

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